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Every State, Every Vote: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper Signs Bill Increasing Funding For Absentee Ballot Measures

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Cooper: “Making sure elections are safe and secure is more important than ever during this pandemic, and this funding is crucial to that effort.”

Democratic North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed the Bipartisan Elections Act of 2020 into law, ensuring all North Carolina voters will have the opportunity to safely cast their vote during the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, the bill provides $27 million for sufficient equipment, upgraded security, and increased infrastructure for the expected spike in absentee ballots. 
The new law also allows some absentee ballot processing to be done online and reduces the number of required absentee witnesses from two to one. These efforts will help streamline the absentee ballot process for voters at higher risk of developing complications from the coronavirus.
Read more about Gov. Cooper’s action below and learn how Democratic governors are fighting to expand access to the ballot box at
Associated Press: Gov. Cooper signs bill addressing fall election under COVID-19
Gov. Roy Cooper has signed into law legislation providing money to help run North Carolina elections safely and securely during the COVID-19 pandemic and making it easier to cast mail-in absentee ballots this fall.
The governor signed the bill on Friday, the day after the House and Senate gave final legislative approval to the bipartisan measure.
The law is designed to prepare for a spike in demand for absentee ballots from people at higher risk of developing complications from the new coronavirus.
The News & Observer: Cooper signs bills on hog farms, vote-by-mail expansion and juvenile justice reform into law
It will be easier for North Carolinians to vote by mail in this November’s elections, and the state will have millions more dollars to address coronavirus health concerns at in-person polling places.
Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper signed a wide-ranging elections bill into law Friday, HB 1169. It passed the N.C. General Assembly with the support of every Republican and most Democrats. In addition to its other changes listed above, the bill also includes extra money for increased cybersecurity, among other things.
The Indy: North Carolina Just Made It Easier to Vote Absentee This Year
Absentee voting just got a whole lot easier in North Carolina.
Governor Roy Cooper signed a new law Friday easing absentee voting restrictions in the midst of a pandemic. The Bipartisan Elections Act of 2020 allows some processes to be done online, and reduces the number of witnesses needed for the ballot to be filled out.