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Every State, Every Vote: Nearly 3 in 4 Americans Support A Vote-By-Mail Option in November

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Navigator Research released a new poll over the weekend showing bipartisan support for giving all voters the option to vote by mail in November. 71% of voters are in favor of no excuse vote-by-mail, including more than half of Republicans. 69% of Americans also agreed that the pandemic should not force people to choose between voting and public health.
Every State, Every Vote Co-Chairs Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and Stacey Abrams have been fighting for additional federal funding for vote-by-mail and safe in-person voting provisions. They called on Congress to provide an additional $4 billion in election assistance to the states ensuring free and fair elections in the fall.
Gov. Brown also participated in a national voting reform call to action with DNC Chair Tom Perez and published an op-ed in Newsweek calling for national vote-by-mail.
“No one should have to choose between their health and their right to vote,” said Every State, Every State Co-Chair Gov. Kate Brown. “Vote-by-mail has worked for decades in Oregon. It is the most reliable and secure way to cast a ballot, and we are proof that every state is capable of doing it.
“The federal government needs to provide the states with four billion dollars in election assistance to ensure that every state can implement vote by mail and keep in-person polls open without endangering anyone’s health. Every State, Every Vote is committed to helping governors eliminate chaos and public health risks at the polls in November.”
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