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Every State, Every Vote: Mike Parson’s Outrageous Message to Missourians On Election Day

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“Don’t Go Out And Vote”

When asked for his message regarding upcoming local elections, GOP Gov. Mike Parson told Missourians if you don’t feel safe, ”don’t go out and vote.” This jaw-dropping statement was summed up perfectly by the Kansas City Star’s editorial board that wrote, “Parson’s message that we should bail on voting rather than risking our health is especially outrageous because in Missouri, it’s his party that’s determined to force people to choose between staying safe and doing their duty as a citizen.” 
Parson has the ability to make voting easier and safer during this global pandemic. In addition to signing a bipartisan bill from the legislature to expand vote-by-mail options to certain at-risk groups, he should support efforts to allow all Missourians to vote absentee no-excuse and without a notary. 
Parson previously refused to back mail-in voting measures because he claimed it was “more of a political issue” – which is a lie. Nearly 3 in 4 voters are in favor of no excuse vote-by-mail, including more than half of Republicans. And President Trump’s own pollsters found broad support for giving everyone the option to vote absentee.
Parson’s refusal to enact vote-from-home measures demonstrates he doesn’t care about free and fair elections or the health of Missourians.
Every State, Every Vote Co-Chair Gov. Kate Brown released the following statement:
“Gov. Mike Parson’s laissez-faire attitude towards the rights of Missourians to vote safely and securely is an insult to our democracy. A citizen’s decision to vote should never have to be weighed against his or her personal health. 
“Gov. Parson has failed to take the obvious steps to make voting easier for Missourians and he needs to rectify that. Parson should immediately take action to allow every voter the ability to vote at home and should remove any burden on the voter to do so. 
“Vote-by-mail is not a political issue – governors from both parties are moving to mail-in voting to protect elections. We’ve voted by mail in Oregon for over two decades. The result? Huge voter turnout. No security issues. And bipartisan support. No one had to risk their life to have their voice heard.
“As governors, we should be fighting for access to free and fair elections – not tearing them down. Missourians deserve to cast their ballots without endangering their health.”