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Every State, Every Vote: Maine Gov. Janet Mills Extends Voter Registration Deadline Ahead of July Primary

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Last week, Democratic Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed an executive order extending the mail-in voter registration deadline and simplifying the absentee ballot process. The order will make it easier for voters to cast their ballots by mail in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Gov. Mills’ order also allows election clerks to set up secure drop-boxes for absentee ballots for easier submission, and gives towns and cities across the state more time to consolidate polling locations if they are unable to recruit enough poll workers.
Read more about Gov. Mills’ executive order below and learn how Democratic governors are fighting to expand access to the ballot box at
Bangor Daily News: Mainers now have more time to mail in voter registrations before July 14 primary
Maine residents will have more time to mail in voter registration applications than they normally would in advance of Maine’s July 14 primary election following an executive order the governor issued this week.
Gov. Janet Mills’ order, dated Wednesday, also lets election clerks set up secure drop boxes for absentee ballots, so voters can submit them more easily, and gives towns and cities more time to change and consolidate polling locations in advance of an Election Day for which many are doubting they’ll be able to recruit enough poll workers.
Maine Public Radio: Mills Extends Deadline To Request Absentee Ballots Before Primary Election
A coalition of Maine advocacy groups is welcoming an executive order by Gov. Janet Mills that gives Mainers more time to request absentee ballots and submit voter registration applications by mail or third person in advance of the primary and state referendum election on July 14.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor moved the primary from June 9, to July 14.
League of Women Voters of Maine Executive Director Anna Kellar says by having more people vote absentee, polling places will be less crowded, and therefore safer.
Mills’ order also allows municipalities more time to consolidate polling places and change polling locations. It also allows municipal clerks to set up secure drop boxes for absentee ballots.
Penobscot Bay Pilot: Gov. Mills amends election regulations amid pandemic
Governor Janet Mills issued Thursday an Executive Order regarding the facilitation of Maine’s primary and municipal elections slated for July 14. 
The deadline requiring voter registration applications submitted by mail or by a third person must be received by the close of business on the 21st day before election day is suspended and modified to allow such applications to be received by mail or by third person through close of business on July 7, 2020.