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Et Tu, Bruce-tus? Beware the Ives of March

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Rauner Can’t Get Ives Endorsement After Stabbing Primary Challenger in the Back

Bruce Rauner suffered an embarrassing “victory” Tuesday night when 48% of Republicans voted to toss the incumbent off the ticket. In a desperate attempt to blunt Jeanne Ives’ momentum, Rauner resorted to running untruthful ads that were rated “Pants on Fire.”
Now, Ives says she won’t endorse Rauner unless he runs ads admitting he lied:

“For now, Ives is promising to deliver only one vote. ‘I’m a Republican. I’ll vote for him, but I will not endorse him,’ she said. ‘I will not campaign for him. … Maybe if he takes out a million-dollar ad buy and admits he lied about me, maybe we’ll talk.’”

“Bruce Rauner ignored, betrayed, and attacked his fellow Republicans and so it’s no surprise Jeanne Ives is refusing to support him,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “In order to win the general election, Rauner needs the 48% of Republicans he betrayed. Maybe he should give Jeanne a call?”