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Election Results Spell Trouble for Most Vulnerable Incumbent in Nation

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Rauner Has Refused to Protect IL from Trump Even as Voters Reject Him

Last night, Democrats won impressive victories in Virginia and New Jersey thanks in no small part to President Donald Trump’s unpopularity. In Virginia, Ed Gillespie tried to keep a distance from Donald Trump, but it didn’t work. That should worry the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent governor who has done next-to-nothing to stand up Trump.

Governor Bruce Rauner has had amble opportunities to call out Trump and his policies, but has failed to do so:

  • Rauner sat idle for months as President Trump repeatedly tried to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, even while Republican governors of other states publicly fought the effort.
  • Rauner even tried to deflect blame from President Trump when asked about health insurance prices rising.
  • Rauner’s refused to advocate for 42,000 DACA children in Illinois under threat of deportation due to Trump’s actions. 
  • Rauner said he had “no obligation” to address federal matters like the Republican tax plan that will raise taxes on middle class families in Illinois.
  • Rauner’s not said a word on President Trump’s decision to curtail important environmental agreements.
  • In memorable interviews, Rauner dodged Trump questions on Fox News and refused to say if he voted for Trump.

When Illinois needed Governor Rauner, he was not there.

“Bruce Rauner’s head-in-the-sand approach to Donald Trump is not going to cut it,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Illinois residents deserve a governor who is willing to stand up to President Trump, but Bruce Rauner has not even lifted a finger. Rauner has consistently put his own political interests first even as President Trump’s policies threat to hurt Illinois families. Rauner’s failure to show leadership is why he is the most vulnerable incumbent in the nation.