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Editorial Boards: Glenn Youngkin’s Disappointing Economic Plan Would Run Virginia Into a Ditch

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After basing his entire campaign around pushing Trump’s dangerous lies and calling “election integrity” the most important issue, Glenn Youngkin has finally unveiled his plan for Virginia’s economy, but “the result is pretty disappointing, and something of a gut punch for the rural areas” of Virginia, wrote the editorial board of the Roanoke Times.

Youngkin wants Virginians to believe their economy is “in the ditch,” but Democrats have led the state to back-to-back wins as the country’s top state for business — and the reality is it’s Youngkin’s disastrous plan that would hurt the economy and especially devastate rural Virginians.

Read key excerpts from editorials blasting Youngkin’s plan below:

Roanoke Times: Youngkin’s economic plan is pretty disappointing

  • Youngkin’s fascination with eliminating the state income tax might play well with Republican policy wonks in the urban crescent but would hurt actual Republican constituents in rural Virginia.
  • Youngkin seems out of touch with rural reality. Indeed, he’s made no mention — none at all — of the outdated schools in rural Virginia that are, in some actual cases, held together by duct tape.

Washington Post: Glenn Youngkin’s economic plan would run Virginia ‘into a ditch’

  • Eliminating Virginia’s income tax is a perfect recipe for defunding the police, the very policy Mr. Youngkin (falsely) accuses Virginia Democrats of favoring.
  • The GOP tax-cutting experiments in Kansas and Louisiana were disasters. In both cases, the damage was severe, and the tax cuts were rolled back. What makes Mr. Youngkin’s proposal even more preposterous is that Virginia’s economy is robust.
  • If Virginians want to see an economy run “into the ditch,” Mr. Youngkin’s plan would do the trick.