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Ed Duck-lespie Strikes Again, Refuses to Comment on TrumpCare

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Gillespie Refuses Comment on Senate Bill, as New Poll Shows Just 25% of Virginians Support AHCA

Duck, duck, Ed.

Today, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie yet again ducked taking a stand on a bill that would dramatically impact Virginia’s economy. 

While Democratic and Republican governors around the country expressed deep concerns about the new Senate’s health care bill, Gillespie remained silent. The GOP nominee told  the Richmond Times-Dispatch that he looked forward to “determining its potential impact on Virginia.”

While Gillespie ducked, a new poll today showed Virginians overwhelmingly disapprove of the Republican health care bill. The survey, conducted by Quinnipiac University, found that 57 percent of voters opposed the bill, while just 25 percent support it.

Meanwhile, Republican governors in other states, such as Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, came out in opposition to the Senate bill because it would “result in significant funding losses for our state.”

Implementation of the bill would fall directly on the governor’s desk. Under the proposed bill, Virginia’s governor would be able to accept a waiver that removes requirements that insurers cover essential health benefits like maternity care and mental health and substance abuse treatment.

“Ed Gillespie needs to choose: Does he stand with Donald Trump or does he stand with the majority of Virginians?” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Ed Gillespie should have the courage to look Virginians in the eye and say where he stands on Trumpcare. It’s time for Ed Gillespie to stop ducking and start telling Virginians whether he will stand up to Donald Trump’s disastrous policies.”