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Ducey Stays Silent Even After Arpaio Talks With Anti-Semitic Publication Five Times

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What Will It Take For Governor Ducey To Do The Right Thing?

National and Arizona Republicans are fretting about Joe Arpaio becoming the “next Roy Moore,” and with good reason. Yesterday, it was reported yesterday Sheriff Joe has given not one, not two, but five interviews to an anti-Semitic publication and “declined to criticize it or other anti-Semitic content associated with the publication.”
Governor Ducey has long stood by his “friend” and top endorser, even after a history of racial profiling, contempt of court, and he proudly declared his “Tent City” was a “concentration camp” after 157 inmates died in his custody.
What does Governor Ducey think about Joe Arpaio now? We don’t know as he remains conspicuously silent.
Maybe Governor Ducey is staying quiet because he is unsurprised,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Sheriff Joe’s history of racial profiling has provided enough evidence of his fringe views, but Governor Ducey stood by him then. We can only take his silence to mean he is standing by him now.”


VIDEO: Sheriff Arpaio Cracked “I Already Have a Concentration Camp” When Referring to His “Tent City” Prison. According to the Phoenix New Times, “ Responding to some crackpot from the audience who wonders when Joe’ll start using concentration camps, Arpaio gives the following response. ‘I already have a concentration camp,’ he snarks around 2:52 in, with nativist GOP politicians Don Goldwater and then Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas chortling along. ‘Andy, you gonna cover me on this, too? It’s called Tent City.’ Skip to 2009, during the forced, public march of undocumented inmates to a segregated part of Tent City. There, Fernandez confronts Arpaio on his previous statement. Arpaio denies he said any such thing. ‘I never called it a concentration [camp],’ he states, though the video obviously shows otherwise.” [Phoenix New Times, 8/2/10; Video]
In 2014, Ducey Featured Arpaio’s Endorsement in a Campaign Ad Called “Integrity.” According to a 2014 campaign advertisement:
Arpaio: A lot of people have asked me who I’m supporting for Governor. Well this year, Arizonans have a clear choice, and it’s Doug Ducey. Doug is son of a police officer and a man of integrity. And he has the experience Arizona needs right now. I trust Doug to fight to secure the border and to keep our families safe. I hope you’ll join me and vote Doug Ducey for Governor.” [Ducey 2014, “Integrity”, 8/1/14]
In August 2017, Governor Ducey Released a Statement Supporting Trump’s Pardon of His “Friend” Sheriff Joe Arpaio. According to KYMA, “Governor Doug Ducey released a statement supporting the President’s decision. ‘I believe Sheriff Joe deserves credit for helping to reduce crime in Maricopa County over his long career in law enforcement and public office. The president clearly has pardoning powers under the United States Constitution, and with this action, he has brought finality to this chapter in Arizona’s history. Sheriff Joe is my friend, and now he, Ava and their family can move on and enjoy their retirement together.’” [KYMA, 8/25/17]