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Drip, Drip, Drip: New Revelations into Rauner’s “Blind Trust” Problem

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Rauner Has Not Taken Questions Since Bombshell Report Four Days Ago

Governor Bruce Rauner is in trouble and he knows it. Four days ago, the unsealing of a court case immediately led to questions about the nature of Rauner’s not-so blind trust. The court case alleges Rauner twice met with a business partner and received information about an ongoing investment on the back porch of the Governor’s Mansion. Rauner has not been seen in public since, and today Rauner is not scheduled to take questions from the media. But, Rauner’s reluctance to face the press has failed to stop the questions or slow drip of new information.

  • The Associated Press gained access to Rauner’s schedule, created by a state employee, and confirmed one meeting between Rauner and his business partner, Harreld “Kip” Kirkpatrick.
  • Then, Rauner’s campaign responded to the lawsuit and challenged the “characterizations” of the conversation Rauner had with Kirkpatrick, but not their existence nor if they talked business.

When Rauner last took questions on the subject, he denied knowing what the case was about or having any involvement. As Rich Miller of Capitol Fax wrote, “the governor’s denials aren’t believable” in light of new information. Now, hiding seems to be Rauner’s preferred tactic.

“Bruce Rauner broke the public trust and now he refuses to take responsibility for his actions,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner owes it to the people of Illinois to explain why he continued to have business meetings despite promising otherwise. Illinois voters deserve transparency and accountability.”