Doug Mastriano Still Won’t Release His Insurrection Tapes. What Does He Have to Hide?

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It’s been 80 days since reporting from NBC News uncovered footage that “appear[s] to show Mastriano holding up his cellphone as rioters in the front of the mob face off with police at the Capitol steps,” and despite calls “to release any photos or video he may have taken while on the Capitol grounds,” Mastriano has not released his footage from the insurrection.

Instead, Mastriano announced he’s suing the January 6th committee, after walking out of his interview with the committee early this month after “less than 15 minutes,” and “refusing to answer questions.”

Mastriano’s attorney claimed Mastriano “‘knows nothing about any insurrection’ and did not witness any violence or see any firearms.” If that’s the case, why won’t Mastriano release his tapes from January 6th?

Mastriano lied about the extent of his participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection. He paid thousands of dollars to bus Pennsylvanians to the Capitol — and at least five of his supporters have been charged for their role in the insurrection, including one who rode on Mastriano’s chartered buses.

“If Mastriano truly had nothing to do with the insurrection, he’d release his footage from the Capitol on January 6th,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner, “Instead, Mastriano is suing the committee investigating his involvement. Pennsylvanians deserve answers — It’s time Doug came clean.”