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Doug Mastriano Has “Little Interest in Moderating” — and He’s “Largely Shun[ning] Traditional News Media”

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Mastriano Is the Most Dangerous Gubernatorial Candidate in PA History and “The First Candidate for Pennsylvania Governor to Largely Shun Traditional News Media”

Doug Mastriano will only speak to right-wing media outlets and conspiracy theory podcasts, and he’s avoiding questions from the Pennsylvania press about his extreme agenda. In new reporting by LancasterOnline, Brad Bumsted describes Mastriano as “​​the first candidate for Pennsylvania governor to largely shun traditional news media.”

Even Mastriano’s fellow Republicans — who’ve spent the last month publicly describing their nominee as “out of step,” “absolutely of the fringe,” and “a cult guy” — have also criticized his refusal to answer tough questions. David LaTorre, a media consultant who worked for Jake Corman’s failed gubernatorial campaign, called out Mastriano, saying that “doing media interviews … is what the GOP nominee needs to do.”

While Mastriano refuses to talk to traditional reporters, even ducking into his office to avoid questions from an NBC10 reporter, his MAGA extremism is clearly showing through — and even Republicans recognize that “it would be a disaster to have that guy as governor.” As the Associated Press’ Marc Levy recently noted, Mastriano “has little interest in moderating his gubernatorial campaign.”

“If you aren’t a MAGA extremist, conspiracy theorist, or an extreme right-wing outlet, Mastriano won’t speak to you — he is so extreme that he won’t even respond to questions from the Pennsylvania press,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Mastriano’s refusal to answer questions about his out-of-touch agenda is unprecedented, and it’s yet another reason why he’s dangerous and wholly unqualified to be Pennsylvania’s next governor.”