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Doug Mastriano Has a “Strange Foray Into Acting” That Film Scholars Say “Exploit[s] the Holocaust for Political Purposes”

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With less than a week until Election Day, Doug Mastriano continues to face scrutiny for his extremism and fringe record. This time, a new report from the Washington Post reveals that Doug Mastriano has a “strange foray into acting in a Holocaust drama” that “some scholars now say distorts history to promote a conservative agenda.”

As one example, the movie features a scene where “a Holocaust survivor urges a modern-day school board to include the Jewish genocide in textbooks — while decrying government overreach, gun control and abortion.”

“It is offensive to weaponize the Holocaust for political ends, yet that is what this film does and quite proudly,” said Neil Leifert, director of the Center for Holocaust and Jewish Studies at Penn State.

Anne Berg, a University of Pennsylvania professor who teaches about Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, said: “To use the history of Nazi occupation and the Nazi genocide of the Jews as a foil to project their own political agenda, to me, is just quite disturbing.”

These critiques of Mastriano’s sad acting career come at a time when Jewish leaders from both sides of the aisle have raised the alarm about Mastriano’s extreme expressions of Christian nationalism and embrace of antisemitism.

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