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Doug Ducey Distances Himself From Kari Lake on Election Security

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In a new video, RGA Chair Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey split with Kari Lake on the issue of election security and downplayed the threat Lake poses to democracy.

NBC News asked Ducey: “How are you squaring up the known threat election denialism plays on the state level here with the RGA’s support of Kari Lake?”

Ducey dodged and listed other issues he thinks Lake is “on the right side of,” including cutting taxpayer funding for public schools, before trying to soften Lake’s extremism on elections by saying, “I have a lot of confidence in Arizona elections.”

Lake has openly said she believes the election was stolen and that Trump won Arizona in 2020.

This all comes as Ducey’s own approval numbers are tanking, and Lake has been desperate to mask her extreme positions on abortion and the Big Lie as she fails to unify Arizona Republicans.

Ducey and Lake have been at odds since the start of the campaign. Ducey endorsed Lake’s opponent and attacked her throughout the primary, calling her “Fake Lake” and saying her candidacy is “all an act.” Even after her primary victory, Ducey dodged being the one on record to endorse her.

“Kari Lake is too extreme for her own party and too extreme for Arizona,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “Doug Ducey knows her ridiculous conspiracy theories are dangerous, which is why he still refuses to give her a full endorsement.”