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Doug Ducey Caves After Call from President Trump, Supports Bill to Gut Arizona Health Care Funding

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Governor Ducey again put partisan loyalty ahead of the State of Arizona by backing the Graham-Cassidy Health Care plan after being personally called by President Trump.
Arizona would emerge a major loser should Graham-Cassidy pass, one of the 10 states most negatively affected by the proposed federal funding cuts. A $133 billion hole in Arizona’s budget is apparently nothing to Ducey compared to one phone call from the President.

Earlier this year, Ducey spoke out against a bill that made smaller cuts to Arizona’s health care than Graham-Cassidy, but one phone call from President Trump is all it took for Ducey to abandon his state’s fiscal health as well as the health of countless Arizona families who could lose their health insurance.
“The people of Arizona deserve better from their governor than someone willing to sell out his state for partisan political gain,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Governor Ducey made his priorities crystal clear when he came out in favor of this disastrous health care plan that would hit Arizona squarely in the pocketbook—he cares more about currying favor from party bosses than doing the job he was elected to do and standing up for the people of Arizona.”