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Donald Trump Donors Swoop in to Prop Up Bruce Rauner

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For weeks, Governor Bruce Rauner has been applauding President Donald Trump, and now Trump’s top Illinois donors are rushing in to try and prop up Rauner’s struggling campaign.
A Super PAC formerly headed by Trump’s Illinois Finance Chair, Ron Gidwitz, and now run by his brother, started running attack ads for the unpopular governor. This follows weeks of Rauner applauding Trump’s policies, and sitting silent as Trump attacks Illinois communities. With an approval rating in the low 30s and a deeply divided Republican party, Rauner can certainly use all the help he can get.
“Donald Trump’s allies are swooping in to try and save Bruce Rauner after he went out of his way to repeatedly applaud the President,” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “With few allies and a record of failure, the most vulnerable incumbent governor in the country is desperate for whatever support he can get.”