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Donald Duck: Gillespie Refuses to Say if He’d Campaign with Trump

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VA Gov Candidate Gillespie Dodges NBC Question About Campaign Event with Trump

Let the awkward dance begin.

This weekend, Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie refused to answer whether he would campaign with Donald Trump, if Gillespie wins the nomination.

According to NBC News:

“Indeed, when asked if he would campaign with Trump if he wins the GOP nomination in Virginia, Gillespie didn’t directly answer the question.

‘Look, a lot of Virginians voted for President Trump. And a lot did not,’ he replied. ‘This election’s about Virginia and the future of the commonwealth we love.’”

Despite his ducking routine, Gillespie will have to answer whether he’d campaign with the sitting President.

Gillespie has been happy to brag during the GOP primary about his support for the Trump-Pence ticket. The “Facts” page on Gillespie’s website brags that “Gillespie endorsed Donald Trump as soon as he clinched the Republican nomination and campaigned for the entire GOP ticket.”

But would Gillespie let Trump return the favor?

 With Trump’s lowly 37 percent approval rating amongst Virginia voters, it’s no surprise Gillespie is remaining silent.

 “Ed Gillespie can’t avoid the elephant in the room forever,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “It’s time for Gillespie to answer this simple yes-or-no question: Would he campaign with President Trump?”