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D’Oh! Eddie Rispone Can’t Remember Just How Much He’s Cheered On Bobby Jindal Over His Career

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Eddie Rispone has backed dozens of politicians over the years, so it could be understandable he’s forgotten just how much he’s supported Bobby Jindal.
Except for the fact that he gave the maximum amount under the law to Jindal’s presidential campaign. And the fact he, his wife, and his companies have donated more than $30,000 to Bobby Jindal over the course of Jindal’s career.
When confronted with this at the third debate, Rispone played dumb on donating to Jindal, saying his business donated instead. To no surprise, Eddie lied again. It wasn’t his business—it was a donation from Eddie Rispone himself. A bigger issue for him is that if he did donate from his business, well, that would be illegal, because businesses can’t give to federal campaigns like Jindal for President.
Rispone wants to go back to the Jindal days—where his influence was felt in the governor’s mansion. But Louisiana families paid the price.
“Eddie Rispone has bankrolled so many politicians he can’t remember where he sends his money,” said DGA Communications Director David Turner. “Like most Louisianans, he wants to forget about the disaster that was Bobby Jindal’s administration. The only problem is that he is running on the Jindal agenda. One that will enrich himself while Louisiana families are stuck with drastic cuts to higher education and health care.”