Does Sarah Huckabee Sanders Agree With Trump That the Arkansas Election Could Be Rigged?

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With weeks to go until Election Day, Donald Trump is already crying foul in the Arkansas governor’s race, pushing a bizarre conspiracy theory in a recent speech that GOP nominee Sarah Huckabee Sanders will have the election stolen from her.

“Maybe those votes don’t come in. Maybe they find a couple million votes like they did with us,” Trump said. “There’ll be a big dump at 3:02 in the morning in the state of Arkansas. Millions of votes will be found, and she will have lost by 100 votes.”

Like her top surrogate and beloved endorser Trump, Sanders has refused to say that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election and said, “We know there is fraud in every election.” Sanders has also made suppressing the vote a key cornerstone of her platform.

“This footage captured at a fundraiser in New Jersey checks all the boxes for what we’ve come to expect from a Sanders campaign event,” the Arkansas Times reported. “It’s held out of state, there are no people of color anywhere to be seen, and Sanders’ service to Trump is touted as her best and only qualification.”

As Trump makes baseless excuses for a potential loss already, Democratic nominee Dr. Chris Jones continues to make progress with Arkansans by traveling across the state to every county and discussing the biggest challenges facing families like expanding preschool, creating more good-paying jobs, and boosting high-speed, rural internet.

“Donald Trump is already peering into his ‘Big Lie’ crystal ball to make unfounded claims that the Arkansas election will have fraudulent results,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Sam Newton. “Does Sarah Huckabee Sanders agree, or will she condemn these dangerous conspiracy theories that undermine American elections?”