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Does Rauner Still Believe His Administration Did Nothing Wrong at Quincy?

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Today, Governor Bruce Rauner is set to sign two bills in a delayed attempt to clean up his administration’s mismanagement of a deadly Legionnaires’ outbreak at the Quincy Veterans’ Home. Rauner infamously stated he “would not do anything different” at Quincy despite the deaths of 13 residents and the resignation of his Director of Veterans’ Affairs.
Rauner is notably not signing legislation meant to address criticisms leveled at his administration:

  • Quicker Notification: Requiring the state relays information about disease outbreaks faster, which comes after it was revealed that Rauner’s team waited six days to inform residents about the outbreak.
  • Raising the Liability Cap: Raising the $100,000 “statutory cap on many liability claims,” which would apply retroactively to lawsuits filed by deceased residents’ families.
  • Biannual Health Report: Requiring biannual report on the health of veterans’ homes residents. Rauner’s office at one point misstated the number of residents that had contracted Legionnaires’ disease.

“Does Bruce Rauner still stand by his administration’s handling of the Quincy Legionnaires’ outbreak?” said DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Thirteen people died, years went by, and Rauner is still lurching back and forth from trying to clean up for his failed response to trying to wipe his hands of responsibility.”