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Does Governor Kim Reynolds Agree Dave Jamison’s Alleged Actions Are “Minor Improprieties”?

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Yesterday, the Des Moines Register reported that the chair of the board of the Iowa Finance Authority called former IFA Director Dave Jamison’s alleged misdeeds “some minor improprieties.” Jamison, a long time friend and ally of Governor Kim Reynolds, was fired earlier this spring over disturbing allegations of sexual harassment at the agency.
Reynolds initially refused to release any information about the complaints made against Jamison or to hold an investigation into the problems at the IFA. And since the “minor improprieties” comment, Reynolds has remained absolutely silent on the subject, despite claiming to have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment.
Does Governor Kim Reynolds agree that Jamison’s alleged actions are “minor improprieties”?
“First, Governor Reynolds refused to investigate the problems at the IFA, and now she is silent as another member of her Administration downplays and shamefully minimizes the terrible allegations made against Reynolds’ longtime friend and ally,” said DGA Press Secretary Melissa Miller. “The people of Iowa deserve answers, and Governor Reynolds must answer whether or not she agrees that Jamison’s alleged actions are ‘minor improprieties.’”