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Does Chris Sununu Even Want to Be Governor of New Hampshire Anymore?

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Does Chris Sununu Even Want to Be Governor of New Hampshire Anymore?

Sununu on the governorship: “I’ve gotta get a real job”

Last night, Gov. Chris Sununu appeared on Inside with Jen Psaki for a wide-ranging conversation about his recent announcement that he would not be running for president after months of setting aside his duties as governor to travel across the country in service of his personal brand.

The only thing missing from his interview? New Hampshire.

Sununu provided plenty of advice for prospective presidential candidates, being sure to speak out of both sides of his mouth as he advised fellow Republicans to go after Trump, while also defending the former president’s crimes, and claiming to be a “pro-choice” governor while leaving out the fact that he signed New Hampshire’s first modern abortion ban in state history.

However, in line with his past comments about how he sees the governorship as not a “real job,” Sununu (who still has eighteen months remaining in his term as governor) mentioned New Hampshire only a single time, and only then buried deep in a laundry list of suggestions for how prospective candidates should be campaigning in various states. Not once did he mention any of the very real problems Granite Staters are facing on his watch, including rising housing costs, the opioid crisis, and attacks on public education.

“After abandoning his state for a cross-country self-promotional tour, and dismissing the governorship as not being a ‘real job,’ the DGA congratulates Gov. Sununu on his new career as a political strategist,” said Democratic Governors Association Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “We are delighted to see that Gov. Sununu has found a new role where he can pursue his true calling — national political punditry — without having to think about the challenges facing New Hampshire. However, we would like to remind the governor that he still has eighteen months to go before he is out of office, and we look forward to making sure Granite Staters have a governor they can actually trust will show up for them and keep their interests front and center every single day.”