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Dodging the Donald: Rauner’s Year-Long Refusal to Stand Up to Trump

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Rauner Has Been the Silent Governor in the First Year of Trump’s Presidency

This weekend marks the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s presidency. Over the past year, Illinois voters have learned the hard way that Governor Bruce Rauner’s not looking out for them – and refuses to stand up to President Trump.

Rauner has ignored or deflected questions about Trump. While Trump’s policies harm Illinois families, Rauner has stood by and watched. In President Trump’s first year, Illinoisans saw:

    • Higher Taxes, And Rauner Cheered: Trump’s tax plan will result in higher taxes for residents making less than $75,000, and homes will lose value. But Rauner cheered Congress on. Even in the aftermath, Rauner used the threat of higher taxes to promote his political agenda
    • Higher Healthcare Premiums, And Rauner Said Nothing: For months, Rauner’s silence on Republican attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act bordered on embarrassing. The tax plan could increase premiums for an Illinois family on the health care exchange by $1,940.
    • The Threat of Deportation, And Rauner Has Done Nothing: President Trump’s decision to end DACA threatens 42,000 Illinoisans and Rauner’s done nothing despite campaigning as a DREAMer advocate in 2014.
    • The Rollback of Environmental Progress, And Rauner Has Hid: Rauner ignored lawmakers’ and advocates’ calls for Illinois to join other states and adopt the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement
    • Hateful Rhetoric, And Rauner’s Shown No Leadership: President Trump’s rhetoric has been, at best, appalling and offensive. His administration has used Chicago as a punching bag. But Rauner is usually pretty slow in standing up for Trump’s targets. 

“Bruce Rauner runs for the hills when he’s asked about President Trump, but his cowardice is only hurting Illinois,” DGA Illinois Communications Director Sam Salustro. “Rauner twiddled his thumbs as President Trump raised taxes and healthcare premiums, and threatened deportation on Illinois families. Rauner’s more focused on dodging the Donald than doing his job, and his dereliction of duty is failing Illinoisans.”