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Disgraced GOP Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Attacks Current Gov. Mike Parson For “Doing Really Poorly” And Accuses Him Of A Political Hit Job

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Three things Missouri Gov. Mike Parson can’t seem to outrun this election year: a disastrous record on health care, lackluster approvals, and the ghost of his former boss Eric Greitens.
Prior to the filing deadline for governor, Greitens hinted at making a comeback – even setting up a website and purchasing what appeared to be campaign ads. Ultimately, Greitens decided against a run this year (or did he?), but the Parson camp can’t breathe a sigh of relief anytime soon. Greitens is still haunting his old deputy. When asked how he thought Parson was handling the protests in Missouri, Greitens went for the jugular: “He is doing really poorly. The situation demands frontline leadership… Governor Parson is not that man.”
Greitens has a real vendetta against Parson, and appears to be coming at him from all sides. In addition to the nasty comments, Greitens is releasing a documentary film (that’s just the thing 2020 needed), which features a scene implying Mike Parson coordinated a coup d’état to force Greitens out of office.
“We never thought we’d say this, but Eric Greitens is right – Mike Parson is doing really poorly,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Christina Amestoy. “From ignoring the needs of schools and children to doubling down on refusing Medicaid expansion in the midst of a pandemic, Parson has failed Missouri families. He needs to go.”