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Disapproval Grows for Gianforte in Latest Poll

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Disapproval Grows for Gianforte in Latest Poll

New polling from Emerson College found that while Gov. Greg Gianforte’s job approval rating has stayed steady at a dismal 37 percent, the number of Montanans who disapprove of his performance as governor has jumped ten points since the fall, also to 37 percent.

Additionally, voters who say the state is on the wrong track lead those who say it is on the right track by ten points, 41 percent to 31 percent — and just 24 percent of independent voters say the state is headed in the right direction.

The new findings come as Gianforte’s first term has been mired in controversy and disappointment. Montanans across the political spectrum continue to speak out against the state’s “highest tax increase in history” that went into effect on Gianforte’s watch as he signed tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals in Montana. He is racking up legal losses after he openly defied the majority of Montana voters who resoundingly rejected abortion restrictions at the ballot box. And as Montanans fear for the future of their way of life, Gianforte is flouting leaders of both parties as he tries to block crucial public lands funding.

“Gianforte’s sinking numbers are further proof that Montanans are tired of his failures and attacks on their way of life,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director Izzi Levy. “Hardworking Montanans know that they deserve a governor who will put them first, not an out-of-touch extremist whose top priorities are attacking freedoms and giving handouts to the ultra-rich.”