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DGA’s Announces $20M Buy in “Unrig the Map” Target States

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DGA Reserves Airtime in Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin

Today, the Democratic Governors Association announced a $20 million television ad buy in Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin as part of the organization’s Unrig the Map initiative. The governors in these states all hold veto power over their legislative maps and will play key roles in the 2021 redistricting process.
The ad buy was made by the DGA and DGA-backed entities. These states are among Unrig the Map’s eight top targets this year.
“This investment represents the next step in our aggressive program to secure fairer maps for voters around the country,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Electing more Democratic governors is the best way to fight Republican gerrymandering and take back control of the House. Democrats are on offense this year, and the DGA is fully committed to winning these key redistricting races.”
The DGA’s Unrig the Map project, launched in 2015, is a zero-overhead fund to win targeted gubernatorial races that are key to 2021 redistricting. In 27 of the 36 races in 2018, the governor has veto power and plays a significant role in the redistricting process. Unrig The Map scored a significant victory in November 2017, as Democrats won the battleground of Virginia.
Last month, the DGA announced its initial 8 targets as part of the Unrig The Map project. In addition to Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin, its targets are Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine, and Colorado.