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DGA, Wisconsin and New Mexico Democrats Blast Pearce for Bringing Damaging Walker Education Agenda to New Mexico

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Walker Traveling to New Mexico Today to Campaign and Fundraise With Pearce

Today, as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker heads to New Mexico to fundraise with gubernatorial candidate Steve Pearce, the Democratic Governors Association and New Mexico and Wisconsin Democratic Parties called on Pearce to say whether he would bring Walker’s damaging education agenda to New Mexico.
In Wisconsin, Walker has been a disaster on education. As governor, Walker slashed nearly $1 billion for public education, the largest cut in state history. Walker also spent his time antagonizing educators and created a statewide teacher shortage. Meanwhile, New Mexico already ranks 49th in education under Gov. Susana Martinez’s failed leadership.
Just a week after Governor Walker professed to be “not a national figure,” he continues his aggressive schedule of national political travel and neglecting Wisconsin to support an extreme candidate who is out of touch with the people of his state (and too toxic for even his own party).
DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson, Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Richard Ellenberg, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning spoke on a press call along with representatives of the Albuquerque Federation of Teachers and NEA New Mexico. They discussed Walker’s record of decimating Wisconsin’s public education system and how the people of New Mexico can’t afford another governor who puts personal political ambition and ideology ahead of the state’s needs.
Audio of this call is available upon request.
“It’s clear that Scott Walker only cares about Scott Walker’s political career, and Wisconsin families have paid the price as he gutted the state’s public education system,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “New Mexico can’t afford further Scott Walker and Susana Martinez-style education devastation. But it appears that’s just what Steve Pearce would do if elected.”
“After seven years of Governor Martinez, New Mexico can’t afford another governor who puts political ideology ahead of our state, which is why Scott Walker should keep his funding cuts in Wisconsin and leave us alone,” said New Mexico Democratic Party Chairman Richard Ellenberg. “Our students and families can’t afford the same attacks on public education that Walker pushed in Wisconsin.”
“Scott Walker has neglected Wisconsin and put his own personal political ambitions ahead of education in our state,”said Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning. “Children in New Mexico and Wisconsin deserve leaders who see public schools, tech colleges and universities as the economic engine that creates opportunities and builds stronger economies and communities. I urge the people of New Mexico and Wisconsin to reject right-wing extremists Scott Walker and Steve Pearce.”