DGA Unveils New Website, WhoOwnsAdam.com

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Meet Adam Laxalt: Bought and Paid For By Fringe, Far-right Special Interests

Today, the Democratic Governors Association unveiled WhoOwnsAdam.com, a website dedicated to exposing Adam Laxalt’s priorities: his donors and special interests.
It’s clear from his record that Adam Laxalt will always put his donors and special interests before Nevada’s families. It’s why he refuses to answer even the most basic follow up questions about policy. He knows his policies are out-of-step with Nevadans.
Whether its being a puppet for the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, or Donald Trump, Adam Laxalt will do whatever it takes to keep them happy.
That includes:

  • Getting caught on tape asking for the state gaming regulator to intervene on behalf of his biggest donor.
  • Fighting with Republican Governor Brian Sandoval on issues like education and healthcare because it did not sit well with the Koch Brothers and Donald Trump.
  • Standing by Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro despite nearly a dozen accusations of sexual harassment, and an independent investigation finding Antinoro sexually harassed his deputy.

“Adam Laxalt is bought and paid for by special interests, whether the payment is hundreds of thousands in campaign donations or a tweet from Donald Trump,” said DGA Deputy Communications Director David Turner. “He’s threatening to dismantle Medicaid expansion, and cut hundreds of millions of dollars from education funding, all to appease his special interest supporters. Nevadans deserve someone who will fight for them, not a special interest lackey who shills for the highest bidder.”