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DGA TV AD: Snyder's Ed Cuts, Tax Giveaways Do Nothing To Build A Strong Economy

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In “The Difference,” Schauer Explains That Education Is The Key To An Economy That Works For Everyone
WASHINGTON, DC—The Democratic Governors Association began airing a new television ad in Michigan today highlighting how Rick Snyder’s corporate tax giveaways and deep cuts to schools do nothing to build a strong economy. “The Difference” is narrated by Mark Schauer and explains that education is the key to an economy that  works for everyone, including Michigan’s struggling middle-class families. It’s the first television ad that the DGA has aired in 2014.
“As the son of a science teacher and nurse, Mark Schauer understands that education is the key to building an economy that works for everyone, with a competitive workforce and a stronger middle class. It’s what he’s fought for his entire career,” said Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the DGA. “Unfortunately, Governor Snyder’s policies have rewarded the wealthiest and his corporate pals at the expense of working people and critical investments in schools. Michigan’s middle-class families deserve policies that make it easier to get ahead, not harder.”
Snyder cut corporate taxes by $1.8 billion, even for companies that shipped jobs overseas, and paid for it by cutting K-12 education by more than $1 billion. That’s in stark contrast to the policies that Mark Schauer has shaped throughout his career – he led the way on early childhood education in Battle Creek and fought tooth and nail in Congress for lower interest rates on student loans.
Watch the ad HERE.