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DGA to 2017 GOPers: Will You Campaign With Trump?

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DGA to 2017 GOPers: Will You Campaign With Trump?

After White House invite, DGA Calls on VA, NJ candidates to announce whether they’d campaign with Trump

Today, following the White House’s offer for President Trump to campaign in 2017, the Democratic Governors Association called on Virginia and New Jersey candidates to say whether they will campaign with the President.

DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson called on Virginia candidates – Ed Gillespie, Corey Stewart, Frank Wagner and Denver Riggleman – and New Jersey candidates — Kim Guadagno, Jack Ciattarelli, Steven Rogers and Joe Rullo — to answer whether they’ll request Trump’s presence in their states.

“Will Virginia and New Jersey candidates accept Donald Trump’s offer to campaign this November?” asked DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Donald Trump is ready to go make Virginia and New Jersey a referendum on his presidency. These gubernatorial candidates should answer now whether they’ll campaign by the President’s side.” 

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said President Trump is willing to campaign for GOP nominees in New Jersey and Virginia:

QUESTION: Does the President plan to be involved on behalf of the Republican candidates and perhaps appear on their behalf in the districts as this may well be a barometer of where people feel about the American Health Care Act?

SPICER: I think you are also going to have elections in Virginia and New Jersey as far as I am aware and I think that as we get further into the schedule, and get closer to elections, we’ll obviously entertain requests from candidates at a variety of ballot levels to gauge the President’s support.   

Trump is deeply unpopular with voters in Virginia and New Jersey. Both states voted for Hillary Clinton by significant margins this past November. Since taking office, Trump’s approval rating has dipped below 40% in both states – 38% in New Jersey and 38% in Virginia.