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DGA Statement on the Passage of the AHCA in the House

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Connecticut Governor and DGA Chair Dan Malloy and Washington Governor and DGA Vice Chair/Chair-elect Jay Inlsee released the following joint statement on the passage of the Republican health care bill in the U.S. House:
“This bill is nothing short of a disaster for states,” said Malloy and Inslee. “It would kick millions of people off their health coverage, slash $800 billion in Medicaid and leave states to clean up Congress’s mess. That’s why Democratic and Republican governors alike have called on the House to stop this short-sighted and damaging bill.
“This bill will immediately raise the stakes for impending governors races. The 38 governors elected in 2017 and 2018 would personally decide whether to jack up health care costs on Americans with pre-existing conditions. Every candidate for governor in every state will have to answer whether they would sign a pre-existing conditions waiver to raise costs on their own citizens.”