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DGA Statement on West Virginia GOP Primary Results

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Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement on the results from West Virginia’s GOP gubernatorial primary: 
“West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice has failed the Mountain State ever since he took office. Under his watch, West Virginia’s economy is ranked dead last, its roads continue to crumble, and West Virginia families’ health care has been put at risk. And while West Virginians beg for solutions, Jim Justice has been too busy using state funds and tax breaks to line his own pockets to do anything to help. 
“Now Justice is looking more unlikable than ever before. After months of nasty attacks from a former member of his own cabinet and votes of no-confidence from his own camp, Justice is facing an uphill battle to unite his (adopted) party around him.
“Justice has had four failed years in office – he doesn’t deserve four more. It’s time to send Big Jim packing.”