DGA Statement on Washington Primary Runner-Up, Republican Loren Culp

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DGA Executive Director Noam Lee issued the following statement regarding Washington State’s runner up in the gubernatorial primary, Republican Loren Culp:

“Loren Culp is an extremist who only represents the far-right faction of the Republican Party. Culp is a known anti-vaxxer who has insulted public health experts and Gov. Jay Inslee as they implemented necessary and life-saving public health measures. Furthermore, he has used his campaign to flout these measures alongside right-wing militia members and an alleged domestic terrorist. 

Alarmingly, Culp is now the center of a firestorm having been accused of intimidating a young victim of child abuse and defending the perpetrator who pled guilty. Loren Culp is wildly out of step with Washingtonians and we look forward to helping re-elect Gov. Jay Inslee in November.”