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DGA Statement on Washington Gubernatorial Primary

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DGA Statement on Washington Gubernatorial Primary 

The Democratic Governors Association issued the following statement on the results of Washington state’s gubernatorial primary election:

“Tonight, Governor Jay Inslee is in strong position to build on his record of success in Washington state,” said DGA Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson. “Under Governor Inslee’s economic leadership, more than 250,000 jobs have been created in Washington state, unemployment is at its lowest rate since 2008, and the state passed the largest cut to college tuition in state history. Governor Inslee will continue to lead Washington state forward, focusing on job growth, quality education and infrastructure investments.

“Republican Bill Bryant offers the same failed policy plans of Republicans in Washington, D.C. As a candidate for governor, Bryant has refused to stand up to Donald Trump – even as he insults veterans, immigrants, women and Mexican-Americans. Washington voters will reject the Bryant-Trump agenda this November and re-elect Governor Jay Inslee.”