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DGA Statement on Walker Stapleton’s Primary Victory in Colorado

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Tonight, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Walker Stapleton’s gubernatorial nomination in Colorado:
“Walker Stapleton will roll back the progress Colorado has made under Governor Hickenlooper and make life worse for Colorado families.
“During his career in politics, Walker Stapleton has proven he will sell Colorado out to the highest special interest bidder. And during this primary, he showed his true colors by fully embracing the divisive rhetoric and politics of Tom Tancredo and Donald Trump. This type of politics has no place in Colorado.
“In his policies, he is telling Colorado he’ll do whatever his donors and special interests say. His proposals to take away healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Coloradans, cut funding for public education, and support for Donald Trump’s assault on women’s health care will hurt Coloradans, but Walker Stapleton continues to support an extremist agenda because that’s what he’s told to do.
“In case that wasn’t enough, he proved his loyalty to special interests when he promised to give preferential treatment on vacation homes for Texas and California residents.
“Walker Stapleton stumbled his way through the primary, spending hundreds of thousands on fraudulent signatures, repeatedly lying about his record, and admitted to literally sleeping through meetings while on the job. And in embracing right-wing demagogues like Tom Tancredo, he showed exactly how he will devastate Colorado’s business climate through extremism.
“Colorado has made tremendous progress during the last eight years. Colorado’s families can’t afford to see Walker Stapleton roll it back because of his mismanagement and extremism.”