DGA Statement on Virginia Governor's Debate

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WASHINGTON, DC— Democratic Governors Association spokesman Danny Kanner today issued the following statement regarding the first debate of the Virginia governor’s race:
“In today’s debate, Virginians got a taste of what a Cuccinelli governorship would look like: a radical social agenda paired with ethics scandals that compromise his ability to do his job. Ken Cuccinelli looked directly into voters’ eyes and laughably claimed that he hasn’t made a career out of attacking women’s health, scientists, and gay Virginians. And he made it clear he thinks it’s perfectly acceptable that he took thousands of dollars in gifts from a donor, hid those gifts from the public, and then failed to act to collect the $1.7 million that donor owed in state taxes. Virginians don’t want extreme social crusades and more shady ethics in Richmond, they want a governor who will be singularly focused on offering mainstream solutions to create jobs and grow the economy. That’s why Terry McAuliffe will be the next governor of Virginia.”