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DGA Statement on Trump’s Political Manipulation of National Guard Funding

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On Monday, President Trump reauthorized funding for the extended deployment of National Guard service members to support COVID-19 relief efforts. However, unlike the previous funding authorizations, Monday’s directive left already cash-strapped states to cover 25 percent of the costs. All states but Texas and Florida, that is.  

Without any explanation from the White House for the discrepancy in funding, DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“This is a disgrace. With American lives at risk, the president is continuing to manipulate our nation’s pandemic response to benefit his own political fortunes. The National Guard deployments are the latest development in the partisan games the president has played with states seeking critical supplies and aid. While the coronavirus doesn’t discriminate between “red” states or “blue” states, it is disturbingly clear that our president does.”