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DGA Statement on the Senate Republicans’ Coronavirus Relief Bill

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Senate Republicans are expected to release a coronavirus relief bill that will include very little aid to state and local governments.

DGA Chair New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy released the following statement:

“The Republican coronavirus relief proposal leaves states and cities behind. If Congress does not give states the direct relief we need to shore up our budgets, it will do untold damage to our economies and undermine our response to COVID-19. 

“With the virus spreading rapidly across the country, it’s more important than ever that we receive significant direct cash assistance to deal with this unprecedented health and economic crisis. Without funding from the federal government, states will be forced to make massive cuts and slash funding for education, health care programs, housing, first responders, and more. These cuts will deepen the recession and undermine the very programs that Americans will need to get back on their feet.

“States are leading in this crisis, but we need the federal government’s help to make sure we can keep the fight up in the coming weeks and months, and we need it now.”