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DGA Statement on the Primary Election in California

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Today, Democratic Governors Association Chair Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) released the following statement on the nominations of Democratic Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox for governor in California:
“Congratulations to Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom on advancing to the general election. As governor, Gavin Newsom will lead California forward with a commitment to creating opportunity, investing in education and building an inclusive economy that everyone can participate in.
“Gavin has always put creating an inclusive economy first. As Mayor, he balanced seven consecutive budgets on time during national economic instability, while growing San Francisco’s economy and creating jobs. He put equality first by allowing same-sex couples to marry, worked to strengthen California’s gun violence prevention laws, and revitalized public housing. His focus on job creation, education, and protecting the environment make him the best choice in November.
“Republican John Cox would bring Donald Trump’s policies to Sacramento. It’s no wonder John Cox is Donald Trump’s hand-picked candidate for California governor.  Cox would roll back efforts by Governor Brown to fight against climate change, support economic plans to benefit special interests, and make healthcare less affordable for Californians.
“Governor Brown has led the fight against Donald Trump by showing a different path forward, and Gavin Newsom is the best candidate to continue leading the way as California’s next governor.”