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DGA Statement on the Kentucky Governor’s Race

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Washington, D.C. – Governor Martin O’Malley, the chair of the Democratic Governors Association, released the following statement on Governor Steve Beshear’s re-election victory tonight:
“Over the past four years, Governor Beshear has been an outstanding and effective leader for the people of Kentucky. Faced with a global economic downturn outside of his control, he remained committed to creating jobs, improving opportunity, and making responsible spending cuts to ensure that Kentucky lives within its means. And even in a competitive environment, he stayed focused on these key priorities.
“Tonight, the people of Kentucky sent a message that they value Governor Beshear’s relentless focus on creating jobs and opportunity now. In doing so, Kentuckians rejected the partisan politics of obstruction and division that national Republicans attempted to inject into this race. They understand that it is time for our elected leaders to put partisan gamesmanship aside and work together to improve our schools, repair our crumbling roads and bridges, and, yes, create good-paying jobs.
“I am proud to congratulate Governor Beshear and Mayor Jerry Abramson on their victory tonight. I have no doubt that they will continue to be tough and trusted leaders for the commonwealth of Kentucky over the next four years.”