DGA Statement on the Harmful Right-Wing Candidates Advancing to the General Election for Alaska Governor

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DGA Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement on the multiple harmful right-wing candidates advancing to the general election for governor of Alaska:

“Gov. Mike Dunleavy has made life worse for Alaskans with deep cuts to higher education that hurt the economy and irresponsible budgeting that’s led to skyrocketing property taxes. He and his fellow right-wing, anti-choice candidates — like former Republican Bill Walker — advancing to the general election cannot be trusted to protect reproductive rights and would continue more of the same failed leadership. Republican infighting has already forced the RGA to spend $3 million bailing out Dunleavy as he faced attacks from inside his own party, with GOP rivals saying they feel frustrated and betrayed.

“The GOP’s infighting and Mike Dunleavy’s failed record will continue to haunt these candidates as we continue to hold them accountable through November.”