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DGA Statement on the General Election for Governor of New Hampshire

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, tonight issued the following statement regarding the general election for governor of New Hampshire:
“Governor Maggie Hassan is moving New Hampshire in the right direction by bringing Republicans, Democrats, and independents together to solve long-standing problems. It’s why she’ll be reelected. Maggie worked across party lines to balance the budget with no sales or income tax, reached a bipartisan compromise to expand Medicaid, and developed a plan to fix roads and bridges. Over the next four years, she will continue to invest in priorities like healthcare and education, encourage innovative and high-tech startups, strengthen New Hampshire’s workforce, and reduce energy costs.
“Maryland’s Walt Havenstein profited from thousands of dollars in improper tax benefits by claiming his ‘principal residence’ in Maryland. As a failed defense contractor CEO, Havenstein pocketed millions while his company lost value, shed thousands of jobs, and defrauded taxpayers. He’d implement the Koch Brothers’ agenda that punishes the middle class and gives more tax breaks to big businesses at the expense of hard-working New Hampshire families. Voters know that Havenstein can’t be trusted to fight for them and will reject him this November. We look forward to Maggie’s reelection.”