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DGA Statement on the Florida Gubernatorial Primaries

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“Rick Scott just can’t be trusted to fight for the people of Florida. As a corporate executive, he oversaw massive Medicare fraud that resulted in the largest fine in the history of the country at the time and pled the Fifth 75 times to avoid incriminating himself. As governor, he slashed K-12 education by $1.3 billion in his first year in office, reduced funding for colleges and universities by $300 million, cut Bright Futures Scholarships in half, and raised property taxes on seniors. And he did it all to pay for tax breaks for special interests, the super-wealthy, and major corporations.
“When he wins in November, Charlie Crist will build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthiest. He’ll restore the Scott education cuts, reduce property taxes, raise the minimum wage, and demand equal pay for equal work. He’ll put the people of Florida first, like he’s done his entire career. We are proud to support his campaign and look forward to his victory in the fall.”