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DGA Statement on the 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

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DGA Statement on the 51st Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

On the 51st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, DGA Chair Gov. Tim Walz released the following statement:

“Since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturned a nearly half-century of settled law established under Roe v. Wade, millions of Americans across the country have looked to Democratic governors to protect their most basic freedoms.

“As MAGA Republicans in Congress block any federal action to restore reproductive rights, we have remained on the front lines of this battle for the people of our states, codifying rights into state law, using executive power to ensure women and providers are safe, and vetoing harmful abortion restrictions. 

“The fight is not over, and reproductive freedom is on the ballot again this year. That includes both the presidential race, where President Biden and Vice President Harris have been champions for protecting abortion rights, and in key governor’s races across the country where extreme GOP candidates are threatening to pass some of the most extreme anti-abortion laws in the country. As Republicans continue to push this dangerous and unpopular agenda, Democratic governors and candidates across the country will keep standing up to these attacks and remain committed to protecting and strengthening our fundamental freedoms.” 

Read more HERE in a memo the DGA recently released outlining how Democratic governors are leading and remain in a strong position in the fight to protect abortion rights, along with new polling data in New Hampshire and North Carolina.