DGA Statement on Steve Pearce’s Nomination in New Mexico

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Tonight, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce’s gubernatorial nomination in New Mexico:
“Rep. Steve Pearce is too extreme for New Mexico.
“New Mexico Republicans just nominated a Donald Trump clone for governor. Steve Pearce is ranked asone of the top 10 most far-right Republican members of Congress, and he has sided with President Trump on nearly 9 out of 10 votes cast in Congress. Congressman Pearce has shown himself to be out of touch with what New Mexico families need on issues from immigration to access to health care and education. 
“New Mexico voters are ready to turn the page on Susana Martinez’s disastrous tenure as governor, and Steve Pearce represents more of the same failed agenda that has hurt families and weakened the state’s economy.
“By nominating Steve Pearce, one of the most extreme politicians in the entire country, Republicans have shown that they value Trump idol worship over all else. The DGA looks forward to winning back New Mexico this fall.”