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DGA Statement on South Carolina Governor's Race

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Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, issued the following statement regarding tonight’s primary elections in South Carolina:
“With tonight’s primary election behind us in South Carolina, voters will now focus on the clear choice between the competent, honest, and accountable administration Vincent Sheheen would bring to Columbia and the scandal-plagued and secretive one Governor Nikki Haley has presided over. Vincent is a fiscal conservative who has worked across the aisle to help small businesses develop and held state leaders accountable for their performance. As Governor, he will create universal kindergarten for four-year olds, responsibly invest in infrastructure, support businesses to strengthen the economy, and bring accountability and transparency back to South Carolina.
“Governor Haley has proven she can’t be trusted to effectively govern or tell the truth about her administration’s failures. The scandal at DSS is just the most recent example of her administration fighting at all costs to to shield her from accountability. It follows millions of South Carolinians having their personal financial information hacked and children being put at risk from a tuberculosis outbreak in public schools on her watch. In all of these cases, the governor and her team went to great lengths to cover up her incompetence. Voters will remember it in November.”