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DGA Statement on Senate Health Care Bill CBO Score

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DGA Chair Gov. Dan Malloy (D-CT) and DGA Vice Chair Gov. Jay Inslee (D-WA) released the following joint statement today on the new CBO score for the Senate health care bill: 
“The Congressional Budget Office score today proves that the Senate bill would mean less coverage and higher costs for millions of Americans,” said Malloy and Inslee. “The Senate bill’s $772 billion Medicaid cut is a historic cost-shift to states that would result in our citizens losing coverage for cancer, heart disease and opioid treatment. No amount of ‘flexibility’ will enable states to absorb this huge cut that ends Medicaid as we know it. Congress should listen to the voices of Democratic and Republican governors and stop this disastrous bill. 
“This is a moment for all governors and gubernatorial candidates to stand up and be counted: Will they fight for their states’ citizens? Or will they stay silent while Congress destroys state budgets and raises costs for citizens? This secret backroom deal would mean 22 million fewer Americans have health care coverage. It’s time for all Americans – Democrats and Republicans – to make their voices heard to stop this bill now.”