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DGA Statement on Second Virginia Gubernatorial Debate

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Following the second gubernatorial debate in Virginia, DGA Political Director Marshall Cohen released the following statement:

“In outlining his positive agenda for the Commonwealth, Terry McAuliffe once again emerged the clear winner of tonight’s debate. His track record of delivering economic success and progress for Virginians speaks for itself.

“Terry understands that the best way to put the pandemic behind us once and for all is by getting as many Virginians as possible vaccinated. Tonight, he laid out a plan to do just that, by making sure child care providers, state employees, teachers, and health care workers are vaccinated. Opposing vaccines will prolong the pandemic, kill job growth, and threaten lives — and it’s exactly what will happen if Glenn Youngkin, who promised to remove vaccination requirements on ‘day one,’ is elected governor. 

“Tonight’s debate illustrated just how much is at stake in the governor’s race. Virginians have the opportunity to continue to move forward with Terry McAuliffe towards a better, fairer Virginia, or move backward with Glenn Youngkin’s extreme agenda. The choice could not be clearer.”