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DGA Statement on SCOTUS Taking up First Reproductive Rights Case Since Dobbs

From the Chair’s Desk

DGA Statement on SCOTUS Taking up First Reproductive Rights Case Since Dobbs

First Supreme Court case on reproductive rights since overturning Roe v. Wade comes as Democratic governors have already taken action to protect access to medication abortion in their states

DGA Chair Gov. Tim Walz released the following statement on today’s news that the Supreme Court will rule this term on restricting access to mifepristone:

“As the Supreme Court prepares to take up another case threatening to further restrict reproductive freedom, Democratic governors once again stand ready to take action and ensure Americans can get the care they need.

 “But as we work to protect women’s most fundamental rights, Republicans are busy working to roll back the clock and strip away access to care — no matter how many times Americans reject their extremism at the ballot box.

“While we remain hopeful that this latest effort to restrict abortion access will fail, Democratic governors are continuing to do everything in our power to protect reproductive freedom in our states. Throughout 2024, we will remain focused on our winning strategy of contrasting our commitment to protecting these freedoms with the Republican extremism that has jeopardized the rights of so many Americans.” 

In the first month of Minnesota’s legislative session this year, Gov. Tim Walz used his new Democratic majority to enact legislation establishing a proactive right to an abortion. Earlier this year, when a federal judge threatened access to a common abortion medication that has been safely prescribed for over 20 years, Democratic governors across the country took immediate action to protect access for residents in their states.

Read more about the actions taken by Democratic governors to protect abortion rights, and the way that attacks on reproductive freedom have backfired against extreme GOP candidates HERE.