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DGA Statement on Scott Walker’s Nomination in Wisconsin

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Tonight, Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Elisabeth Pearson released the following statement on Governor Scott Walker’s nomination in Wisconsin:
“Scott Walker has spent the past 8 years putting his own political ambition ahead of the needs of Wisconsin’s families and small businesses. Wisconsin voters are ready for a change. They have had enough of slashed school funding, crumbling roads, and soaring health care costs under Walker.
“Scott Walker is one of the nation’s most vulnerable incumbent governors this November. Walker has spent nearly $3 million on ads trying to rewrite his history of failed policies – and he’s not convincing anybody. He’s still down in the polls with little room to grow and an electorate that’s just tired of him. There’s no question that career politician Scott Walker will launch a desperate, negative campaign to try to salvage his career. But Wisconsin voters aren’t buying it. Wisconsin voters want a new leader with a vision to move Wisconsin forward, not another four more years of Scott Walker’s political games and wrong priorities.”
For more on the DGA’s outlook in Wisconsin, see our pre-primary memo HERE.